1.The user(s) voluntarily agree to accept the risks involved when renting and operating a golf cart that may occur to themselves and to others. As a motorized vehicle driving or riding it can lead to serious injury, property damage or even death.

2. The golf cart shall not be operated in a manner that may endanger passengers, other individuals or harm property.

3. The driver(s) operating the cart MUST have a valid driver license and proof of insurance. Under no conditions other people besides the mentioned above are allowed to drive the vehicle. Renters covenant that he/she shall permit no person other than the authorized driver to drive said vehicle.

4. The driver(s) attest that he/she is protected under a valid policy of insurance which would provide coverage to all injuries, medical bills and damages to the renters of the vehicle, third parties or properties of others in case that an accident occur while operating the cart.

5. The user(s) are liable for all medical and legal claims that may occur while renting and using the golf cart.

6. The driver(s) attest that he/she is at least 21 years of age. No underage guest is allowed to operate the vehicle.

7. Do not leave the cart unattended while the vehicle is on.

8. At no time a minor can touch or leave their hands on the steering wheel while the vehicle is on or moving. The key must always remain with an adult when the cart is not in use.

9. No child is allowed to sit on any driver or passenger’s lap.

10. Passengers must use seat belts at all time.

11. A golf cart must only be driven on roads under 35 (MPH) and within the city limits. Do not take the vehicle on highways, nature trails, sidewalks, bike paths, beaches shores, etc.

12. Park the cart on a level and steady ground.

13. If anyone is observed abusing the cart rules and regulations and giving it a negligent use, the user(s) will forfeit all rental privileges instantly and it will require an immediate return without a refund.

14. Absolutely no intoxicated drivers, no reckless driving, no speeding, no fast turns, no exceeding the carts passenger capacity, no standing or hanging on the cart while cart is in motion.

15. The user(s) agree to pay in full for any loss or damage to the golf cart and any costs for repairing or replacement of the equipment and associated parts. User(s) authorize Destin Premium Carts to charge those amounts on the same credit card used for the renting payment.

16. If collection or litigation becomes necessary to collect against any damage or/and loss, the renter agrees to pay for all cost and expenses including attorney and court fees.

17. The cart must be returned in the same condition as received. If you had an electric cart make sure is fully charged or, if it was gas-powered the tank has to be completely filled.

18. Carts not fully charged or filled 100% with gas will result in a fee of $50 dollars.

19. Late returns will be charged a fee of $150 dollars per day.

20. If the vehicle is lost or abandoned, the renter will bear all expenses incurred by Destin Premium Carts for locating and recovering said vehicle.

21. Drivers and passengers must obey and follow all driving laws, rules and regulations of the area and community wherein the golf cart is being operated.

22. There will be a monetary charge for a missing key or electric charger that is not returned with the cart.

23. There will be no refunds once payment has been made or after delivery. We recommend travelers insurance in case any event occurs. Inclement weather is not cause for refunds.

24. The user(s) agree to return the cart at the same address that it was delivered.

25. In the event of an accident or a cart malfunction has occurred the renter(s) agrees to discontinue its use immediately and will notify Destin Premium Carts promptly.

26. If the golf cart becomes inoperable through no fault of the renter, Destin Premium Carts will take reasonable steps to have the cart repaired or replaced. In the event that a replacement is not available the renter at his discretion may modify the rental agreement and will make the proper adjustments.

27. No repairs, alterations, replacements or changes on the vehicle, parts and accessories are allowed. If done, the renter agrees to pay in full to restore the cart or even replaced the property.

28. At any moment during the rental period the user(s) must not rent or use the vehicle to perform personal business, trade, advertising or other activities that promote any third company or industry. The usage and purpose of the rental property shall only be for which it was manufactured for.

29. The renter waves and releases Destin Premium Golf Cart Rentals, LLC from all claims from injuries or damages to the renter or property caused by the use of rental property by the renter. Also agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the company Owners, members, employees and agents from and against any and all claims and demands, actions or causes of actions, expenses and damages to personal property, personal injury or death, which may result for any use of the cart.

30. Any claims or controversy under this agreement shall be settled under the laws of the State of Florida and local regulations and laws of Okaloosa-Walton Counties. The parties agree that Destin, Florida will be the local for any arbitration of court settlements.I have carefully read this waiver of liability, I fully understand its terms and I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and voluntarily. Also I understand that I am giving up significant rights, including my right to sue the owner, members and employees of the company. Therefore, I agree to follow all the guidelines mention above, and accept that I am capable of operating the golf cart safely and in accordance to said rules and regulations.

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